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Are you getting promoted to team manager for the first time? Not sure how not to mess up in your new role? Eager to learn the best practices of management?

This accelerated management course is 100% tailored to help you succeed.

Audience: Individual contributors to be promoted/ just promoted to managers.

  • Discover your personal authentic leadership style
  • Switch from team management to team engagement
  • Establish open feedback culture
  • Master individual & team performance management

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The New
HR Way Academy

Are you looking to elevate your communication, leadership, and mediation skills for effective stakeholder engagement? Seeking to excel in your HR role?

This 3-day course is tailored to empower you with the skills needed in the new era of HR.

Audience: HR (P&C) professionals across industries

  • Uncover your unique & authentic communication style
  • Transition from traditional approaches to strategic stakeholder engagement
  • Cultivate an open-voicing & feedback culture
  • Master effective mediation, on individual & group level
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Are you striving to deliver powerful and impactful presentations that captivate your audience? Are you seeking to enhance your communication skills and make a lasting impression?

Join us for this dynamic 2-day program designed to take your presentation skills to the next level.

Audience: C-Suite Executives & C/Mid-level managers 

  • Develop your authentic presentation style
  • Elevate your presentations from informative to influential
  • Master techniques for engaging storytelling
  • Refine your public speaking skills
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Are you dedicated to shaping a strong and effective leadership culture within your organization? Are you seeking the tools and strategies to foster a culture of leadership excellence?

This intensive leadership course is designed to help you succeed.

Audience: C/Middle Level Managers

  • Define and align your leadership philosophy
  • Foster an accountability culture
  • Inspire & motivate your team members becoming a Role Model
  • Cultivate an environment of continous growth & innovation

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Are you participating in international expositions looking to maximize your presence and impact at these influential events? Are you ready to become an Expo Expert and stand out among competitors?

This 3-day online workshop is 100% tailored to your needs.

Audience: Sales Representatives, Anyone participating in Expositions

  • Become an expert negotiator
  • Design your elevator Pitch
  • Transform the way you sell and communicate
  • Earn the trust of people and build solid relationships

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Comms Mastery

Are you a sales professional aiming to enhance your success by mastering the art of sales communication? Are you ready to elevate your soft skills to effectively connect with clients and drive results?

This 2-day course is designed to empower you with the skills you need.

Audience: Sales professionals / Account Managers

  • Refine your unique sales communication style
  • Transition from transactional selling to building genuine client relationships
  • Become an expert negotiator
  • Influence decision-making using triggers

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